Karen Weaver

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Karen Weaver


Karen is a mother to 3 sons. The oldest is working on his master’s in architecture at UNM, the middle one is studying mechanical engineering at Arizona State, and the youngest is still in high school. Karen is very social and loves to travel, both in and outside of the United States. Her sister lives in London. Karen enjoys yoga, hiking, concerts, music, reading and movies.

Karen Weaver directs the New Mexico office of Settle Pou. She has been an attorney since 1991, starting her practice in California, and then moving back to Albuquerque, her hometown, in 1995. Karen has extensive legal experience, with an emphasis on litigation. She represented the Zoning, Planning, Building and Fire Departments as a municipal attorney, she handled commercial leases, boundary disputes, water rights, and easement issues at a general real estate practice firm, and represented creditors and debtors equally in bankruptcy practice. Most of Karen’s career has been spent as a Plaintiff’s foreclosure litigation attorney, and she has handled multiple trials in both state and bankruptcy court.


  • Insurance Defense
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Consumer Finance
  • Creditor’s Rights & Bankruptcy
  • Real Estate
  • Zoning, Boundary Disputes and Easements
  • Title Curative


Karen attended college at UT in Austin, Texas, before graduating Magna Cum Laude from University of New Mexico, and then attending California Western School of Law in San Diego on an academic scholarship. She previously managed the New Mexico office for several western states and national law firms. She is on the board of directors for the Bankruptcy Section of the State Bar of New Mexico, teaches Constitutional Law annually to various 5th grade classes, and mentors junior attorneys. She was recently appointed to a NM Supreme Court committee to advise the judiciary on a path and plan for lifting the foreclosure sale, eviction, and garnishment stays following Covid.